More about the Prophecy: POE Items Hunting and Changes

Some balance changes have been implemented in the game update. Ascendancy Classes are being reviewed, reworked and rebalanced to ensure they stay competitive with each other across a variety of builds. Sources of chaos damage conversion are being reduced across the board. We are buffing the implicit mods on Wands and Sceptres. In addition, Daggers, Wand and Sceptres will be slightly more likely to roll caster or attack prefixes if they already have related mods.

path of exile items

All POE Items hunter will receive a one-off passive tree reset (including Ascendancy points) so that they can adjust their characters to these changes.

Behind the Veil and POE Items

This update doesn’t just add new content – it contains some significant technical improvements. We’ve overhauled how Path of Exile manages its memory and have replaced its sound system.

Game assets are now loaded in the background as you play, making loading screens faster. You can now load to the login screen in less than a second on an SSD hard drive (two seconds on a non-SSD). Path of Exile 2.3.0 also uses far less memory than before, eliminating all out-of-memory crashes (which were most frequent on 32-bit systems).

They’ve replaced Path of Exile’s audio system. This not only improves audio performance but gives our audio engineers powerful tools to make Path of Exile sound better than ever.

Getting the Prophecy Supporter Pack for Path of Exile Items

To celebrate the release of Prophecy, they’re introducing the Prophecy Supporter Pack. It’s loaded with exclusive microtransactions and Path of Exile Items such as: the Shroud Armour Set, Prophecy Portal Effect, Prophecy Mask Helmet Attachment, Prophecy Supporter Forum Title and Social Portrait Frame. At $60 and including 500 points, it represents over $100 of value. The Prophecy Shroud Armour Set is ideal for players wanting to wear a cloth-based Armour Set on their caster characters.

The Prophecy Supporter Pack is available for purchase now and you’ll receive its effects immediately so that you can begin preparing for the Prophecy leagues in style.