More League Modifiers to Make Hunting Path of Exile Items Profitable & Fun

Leagues in Path of Exile offer players a different style of play as well as opportunities to try out new builds for their characters. It’s not only fun to play with modifiers but these can make collecting Path of Exile items more exciting.


Hunting Path of Exile items in Famine and Fixed Seed leagues

Fixed Seed Leagues are leagues where the layout is the same for all players. This league is often used in combination with Race leagues to ensure that players are on equal footing. Fixed Seed however doesn’t ensure that the same Path of Exile items will drop.

The Famine League modifier is a simple mod that affects flasks, life, mana and energy shield mechanics. When this mod is active, the player’s life, and mana don’t recover when they enter a town. Similarly, flasks and energy shields aren’t refilled.

Surviving the elements for your Path of Exile items

If you want to test out how well your equipped Path of Exile items handle elemental damage, then look for Leagues with the Lethal modifier on. This mod makes boosts monster damage by 50%. Additional cold, fire and lightning damage is then put on top of this.

For the pyromaniacs, the Immolation League modifier turns all physical damage in the game into fire damage. Upon death, monsters burst into flames. Make sure your Path of Exile items have high fire resistance for this one.