Challenge Leagues to Get POE Credits From

Path of Exile’s Forsaken Masters mini-expansion is finally live. Collectors of POE Currrency can finally start meeting the masters we have covered in previous articles. Along with the expansion comes two new Challenge Leagues. Players will be able to acquire new Unique POE items added in the update as well as a free Passive skill reset.

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Rampage for POE Currency

The new content update adds two new Three-Month Challenge Leagues. One of which is the Rampage league. This standard league adds special buff effects whenever a character manages to go on a kill streak.  The more enemies a player kills in succession, the bigger and the better the buffs the player receives. Note however that after five seconds of no kills, the buffs will be removed so the player needs to ensure to keep his streak continuous.

The second new Challenge League is the Beyond Hardcore League. This league pits players against demons invading from another realm. These extradimensional beings find their way into Wraeclast through portals that appear when monsters are killed. As more portals are spawned close together, bigger portals open with more powerful demons. Being a hardcore league, players need to be wary of death. When their character dies, it and all items and Path of Exile Orbs it carries will be transferred to a standard league.

Free passive skill reset for hunters of Path of Exile Currency

The Forsaken Masters content update, did not just add masters and new Challenge Leagues, it also implemented substantial balance changes to the game. This can render many builds inefficient that is why players get a free passive skill reset. When they go to the passive skill screen, they can click the “Reset all Passives” buttons to use this. Note however that this is one-time use and must be used before they allocate any points they currently have.