New Spell Echo Skill and Microtransaction Path of Exile Items in New Patch

Path of Exile has released a teaser video for Patch 1.1.5. Featured in it are several new Path of Exile items and skill gems. Among these is the Spell Echo skill which will allow players to cast spells in quick succession. New Microtransaction POE items will also be added by the patch.


Multicasting for more Path of Exile items

Spell Echo is one of the new skills that will be added by Patch 1.1.5. The new support skill will automatically cast supported skills a second time. The second casting is done more quickly as the level of the gem goes higher. Note that cast speed modifiers from Path of Exile Orbs will affect this. Finally, the spell will have a higher casting cost so be sure to keep mana restoring Path of Exile items handy.

Ghostly Path of Exile items

The patch will also add several new Microtransaction Path of Exile items players can purchase. There will be three Ghost Flame effects namely, Ghost Flame Skull, Ghost Flame Weapon Effect and Ghost Flame Footprints. These add a greenish flame to your character. Also to be added is a Black Hole Portal skin for portals.