New Torment and Bloodlines Challenge Leagues – Path of Exile

Patch 1.3 for Path of Exile is around the corner. In it, two new Challenge Leagues will be introduced. These two are the Torment Challenge League and Bloodlines Challenge League.  The two new leagues will present players with new mods that will increase the difficulty of the game. Completing the new leagues will also reward players with POE Currency for their Hideout.

Torment and Bloodlines


The upcoming Torment Challenge League will have adventurers in Wraeclast be haunted by spirits. In this league, ghosts of tormented criminals roam Wraeclast. These spectral beings will drop items, Path of Exile accessories and Path of Exile Orbs. Taking them out will prove to be a challenge however. The tormented ghosts can make nearby monsters much more powerful. In fact, they will be able to possess enemies to increase their strength. In either case however, the affected enemies will have improved drops.

Bloodlines is the new hardcore Challenge League in patch 1.3.0. Similar to the Nemesis mod, Bloodlines will increase the strength of monsters. The only difference is that Bloodlines will affect multiple monsters at a time. Players will encounter packs of magic monsters sharing a Bloodlines mod. These mods will often synergize with each other making battles much more challenging. Mod effects vary from summoned monsters, to area based invincibility.

Other rewards

Each of the new leagues have a set of eight difficult challenges. These will have players collect Path of Exile Currency, or hunt down certain mobs. Completing the first challenge however awards players with a Totem Pole decoration for their Hideout. Completing more challenges will cause the totem to grow taller. Finally, the first 50 players to complete all of the challenges will win an exclusive Torment/Bloodlines T-shirt from Grinding Gear Games.