No path of exile item rewards will be given to cheaters who has been warned

No path of exile item rewards will be given to cheaters who has been warned. Like all of us mostly knew, that third party programs or aka bots or cheat hacks often exist in mostly in every game. With the said existence of the said programs or macros that are being used by players to fasten and take advantage for their benefit to be advance in game, it is being hunted down by game publishers and tries hard to put an end to it.


Ban hammers for path of exile items macro users

In other MMOg, whenever a game master see a player uses macro or a 3rd party software, they immediately bans them. For Path of Exile’s case, they only give out warning for those who uses macro. Recently the latest race season event has ended and those players who were found to have cheated were not able to get any rewards. An estimated of 4,000 players who logged in with their path of exile account that has warning will have their account to get banned.


To whatever the reason and purpose of macro usage should be unacceptable, while POE team has been very patient and forgiving to their players who has been cheating in game. POE team claimed that 3rd party software like hot keys and fraps doesn’t really matter just the software that can be called as cheating.


So don’t cheat and lets make POE a better place!