Other Dimensions in the Beyond League – Path of Exile

The Beyond League is one of two leagues added to Path of Exile in a content update. The league features a game mechanic that summons extradimensional creatures. The added challenge of course rewards players with more POE currency and Path of Exile Orbs. Beyond also features items that can only be obtained in this league.

Beyond League

Go hardcore

The Beyond League added on August 20, 2014 is a hardcore challenge league players can play in. It will run for three months and will last until November 20, 2014. As a hardcore league, characters that die during the three months will be sent to the Standard League. However, those that survive will be sent to the Hardcore League once the three months are up. Note that characters will have start from scratch and will have an empty stash when they start in this league.

Other dimensions

Like all leagues, the Beyond League has a unique modifier. In this league players will encounter Beyond Demons. These monsters come from outside Wraeclast and invade through extradimensional portals. These portals open up as character slaughter monsters close to one another. The size of the portals are small at first, however, larger ones will open if many small ones open close together. Additionally, as more large portals open next to each other, an even larger portal will open up. This final portal will often summon a unique boss designed to be incredibly challenging.

More enemies means more POE Items, accessories and the like.  Similar to the Rampage League, the Beyond League also has three items unique to it. First of which is the Edge of Madness, an Etched Greatsword. It requires a level 22 character. The next item is The Harvest, a Jasper Chopper wieldable by level 37 characters. Finally, there is The Dark Seer. Characters at level 32 and over can equip this Shadow Sceptre.