Participating in Endless Ledge Races for Path of Exile Items

If going down and down into a bottomless dungeon in Descent isn’t your thing, then the open air of the Endless Ledge in Path of Exile may be for you. This game mode tests players and their Path of Exile items by having them go through an endless number of maps filled with dangerous monsters.


Not your typical Path of Exile items run

The Endless Ledge is a game mode where players fight monsters on a map with a ledge on one side. At the end of each level features an exit that will put players in another similar instance. The monsters get progressively harder the more ledges the player clear. Note that this has the hardmode league modifier on so characters that die will be transferred to a void league along with all their Path of Exile items.

Choose your Path of Exile items carefully

Aside from a Provision chest at the start of the game, players will not have any access to vendors or their stash. Care must be given when choosing which Path of Exiles to keep while going through the Endless Ledge. Note that even if the race is completed, characters will still be sent to a void league. Play this game only if you’re up for a challenge and not looking for Path of Exile items for your standard characters.