Patch 1.1.2b Preview for Hunters of Path of Exile Items

A small update is coming to Path of Exile containing a few tweaks to Rogue Exiles. Patch 1.1.2b will be making fights with the Rogues easier to simulate how combat with a fellow hunter of Path of Exile items is like.


One time use of Vaal Skill Gem Path of Exile items

Since the introduction of Vaal Skill Gems, fights with Rogue Exiles have been pretty challenging, if not downright unfair. That’s why with the upcoming patch, Rogues will only be able to use their Vaal skills only once. These Path of Exile items after all need charging and it shouldn’t be possible to charge them while fighting a player.

Quick fights for collectors of Path of Exile items

The health of Rogues will also be reduced in Patch 1.1.2b. Since Rogue encounters simulate fighting against other collectors of Path of Exile items, they should be quick. Lowered health makes these encounters closer to the real thing instead of feeling like a boss fight.

Give your Path of Exile items an elite look

A new armour skin will be released along with Patch 1.1.2b. Based on the Seraph Armour Skin, the new Elite Armour Skin will have a classic metal look for your Path of Exile items. It will be available in the Microtransaction shop as individual pieces as well as a set.

Hunt Path of Exile items with a pet

While waiting for the new Elite Armour Skin, why not check out the pets in the Microtransaction Shop. Hunt Path of Exile items with these critters alongside your character. On sale today is the Ebony Scorpion Pet available for just 30 points.