Path of exile items affects your league?

When starting a character in Path of Exile, players will be asked which League to join. This can be confusing at first, but this guide will help you choose which is best for hunting for Path of Exile items.


Standard League for easy Path of Exile items

Dying is a normal part of any video game. It can be frustrating however, especially when you’re farming for Path of Exile items. Thankfully, in Standard League players don’t need to worry about it too much as monsters do not gain unfair power-ups. No modifiers here and everything is perfectly normal.

Do you get awesome Path of Exile items from Hardcore League

For those who want a challenge, Hardcore League offers tougher enemies. They’ll drop the same Path of Exile Items, but expect a tough time. Additionally, this League enforces the Hardcore modifier. Characters that die are sent to Standard League. Think of it as permadeath for your character’s ego.

How leagues affect how you get Path of Exile items

Challenge leagues are two extra game modes player’s can choose when creating a character. They are added every four months and will replace any existing Challenge league. They come with a variety of League Modifiers that can make it easier or harder to get Path of Exile items.

What happens to your Path of Exile items after a league

When a league ends, or it is replaced, the characters made for that league and all the Path of Exile items in their stash will be transferred to Standard or Hardcore. Additionally, Challenge Leagues come with a fresh economy each time they are introduced. Finally, they have challenges players can finish to get a prize.