Path of Exile Items from Traversing The Lower Submerged Passage

Path of Exile players on the first act of the game will come across The Lower Submerged Passage. This area connects several maps in the area making a good spot to go to when farming POE items. It also holds a waypoint. This guide will go over the details of this area.


Getting your collector of Path of Exile items there

Players can easily access The Lower Submerged Passage through a waypoint. For those venturing into this area for the first time, they will have to go through The Mud Flats first. This area is also connected to The Flooded Depths and goes onto The Upper Submerged Passage. Note that the layout of this map is quite random. Newcomers are recommended to first seek out the waypoint in the map before exploring the whole area.

What to hunt for Path of Exile items

The Lower Submerged Passage is home to several monsters players can hunt for Path of Exile items. Monsters native to the area include Cursed Spawn, Drifting Eyes, Dripping Dead and Cave Crustaceans. Note that Crustacean Snipers will occasionally spawn from dead Cave Crustaceans. Additionally, the map will sometimes have Tide Striders, Ashen Buccaneers an Ancient Bonestalkers roaming around. The monsters in the area will spawn levels 5, 36, and 53 for Normal, Cruel and Merciless difficulty respectively.

Corruption and Path of Exile items

Those hunting Vaal Skill Gems can do so in this map. They will however have to wait for the Concealed Cavity Corrupted Area to spawn in this map. Note that Vaal Skill Gems are more powerful versions of Skill Gems. They however often release their power in bursts and need to be charged up before use. As mentioned, these skill gems can be obtained from Corrupted areas. They can also be crafted using special Path of Exile Orbs named Vaals Orbs.