New Skill Previews for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

Patch 1.1.3 for Path of Exile will be introducing some new skills, one of them being Molten Strike. The latter will be useful for collectors of Path of Exile items that like melee weapons.


Fiery melee skill for easier Path of Exile items hunting

Molten Strike is a new skill that will add a special effect to your melee Path of Exile items. Whenever your character attacks, the skill will cause several balls of magma to be thrown. This will essentially give your character fire damage AoE skill.

More gore while hunting Path of Exile items

Those who have grown to love using the new Glacial Cascade spell will be happy to know that a new cosmetic effect will be released for the skill. Gore Glacial Cascade effect will make the skill look more fatal. Come Patch 1.1.3, these new mircotransaction Path of Exile items will available in the shop.

Recalling minions while hunting Path of Exile items

Aside from totems and special flask mods, currently, there are no other ways to heal your minions. This can be particularly problematic when fighting tough monsters for Path of Exile items. Come patch 1.1.3 however, a new skill: Convocation, will remedy this issue. Convocation will recall minions to the player’s position as well as put a heal-over-time buff on them.

Considerations when hunting Path of Exile items

The new skill will be on an eight-second cooldown to prevent abuse by players. As previously mentioned, Convocation will also teleport minions to your character’s location. This has the added benefit of liberating minions that get stuck on terrain while hunting Path of Exile items.