New Vaal Skill Gems in Patch 1.1.4 for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

Path of Exile will be introducing new Skill Gems in Patch 1.1.4. Collectors of Path of Exile items will be able to use Vaal Flameblast, Vaal Flamesurge and Vaal Grace when the update is rolled out.


Blast your way to more Path of Exile items

The new skill Vaal Flameblast, will function similar to the original Flameblast. The core difference is that the new skill will no longer need to be channeled. Collectors of Path of Exile items simply need to cast the spell and it will automatically build up to 10 stacks before exploding. Like with all Vaal Skill Gems however, the Vaal Flameblast will require souls per cast for balance.

Avoiding damage while collecting Path of Exile items

Players who have a hard time dealing with damage will have an ally in the Vaal Grace skill gem. The new skill grants a temporary aura that boosts the chance to dodge attacks and spell damage. Like with most Vaal Path of Exile items, this gem can be obtained in Vaal areas. Using Corrupt Path of Exile Orbs on POE items also has a chance to create this skill gem.

More Path of Exile items from burning mobs

Flamesurge is an AoE melee skill similar to Glacial Cascade. It fires a blast of fire in a cone in front of the character. While this does not ignite targets when it critically hits, it does extra damage to already burning foes. Hunters of Path of Exile items should use it in tandem with skills like Flameblast. Gear modified with Path of Exile Orbs to increase fire damage would also be ideal.

Getting the required Path of Exile items

The new skill gem can be obtained by collectors of Path of Exile items through drops. A quest can also be done to get these POE items. Witch, Templar and Scion classes can take on the “Invaders in Black” quest to get Flamesurge as a reward.