August Update Preview for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games has released teaser screenshots for the upcoming August content update. The changes featured in the patch will help hunters of POE items navigate the game interface more easily. While there are no hints revealed yet for updates other than the UI interface changes, players can expect some as evidenced by the website skin change.


One-click for all Path of Exile items info

The user interface of the game will be reworked by the coming August update. Based on the teaser screenshots, the developers have reduced the clutter on the UI. The various buttons that opened the different screens in the game have been removed. They will be accessible through a simple menu when the patch goes live. The new menu can be accessed with a simple click of a button that is located near the health globe. The menu will also show the keybindings of the various windows so players can access them faster.

Cleaner UI so you can focus on Path of Exile items

The August update will also restore the old statues near the health and mana orbs. While they will be replaced much later for ones that cover less of the globes, the old statues will be used when the patch goes live. The shop button will also be tweaked to match the feel of the UI. Finally, the entries in the menu will do away with redundant instances of the word “Screen”.

Hints on possible content for hunters of Path of Exile items

The first teaser screenshot released by Grinding Gear Games featured a character or NPC. The latter is confirmed to be the same character on the left side of the website skin. Whether this new character will be a new class, NPC, or enemy remains to be seen. Regardless, players can expect the upcoming content update to be filled with new items, Path of Exile Orbs, skills, quests and more.