Aura and Curses Overview for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

When playing Path of Exile it is very common to come across other players. Often times this leads to parties for quests or simply hunting Path of Exile items. In situations like these, Auras play an important role as they boost the overall strength of the group. Read on for more.


Aura and Path of Exile items

Auras give a permanent effect to your character and party members near you. If they have minions, they will also be affected by the Aura. Most Auras will reserve a percentage of your Maximum Mana pool when turned on. Of the Path of Exile items available, only skill gems can give Auras.

Improving Auras with Path of Exile items

Certain Passive Skill nodes improve the Auras. The effects can vary from improved range, effects and even reduction of reserved mana. Using Support Gem Path of Exile items, can modify and improve Auras. Linking a Spell Totem to an Aura skill will actually let you cast a totem that will give the Aura. Useful if you need to spread your Aura.

Curses and Path of Exile items

Players can give their characters curse abilities by equipping any of the 11 curse skill gems. Having these Path of Exile items can help in weakening otherwise tough monsters. Note that only curse can be active per monster. Curses also have duration, but they can be refreshed by casting the curse again.

Improving curses with Path of Exile items

The duration of curses can be extended by taking the Hex Master passive skill. Additionally, certain Path of Exile items can increase the number of curses active on a monster at a time. The Unique ring Doedre’s Damning and Windscream greaves each grant an additional curse. Finally, the Whispers of Doom passive adds another curse.