Block & Evade – Staying Alive While Hunting Path of Exile Items

A high armour rating in Path of Exile can only go so far. While damage can be reduced, status effects cannot be avoided unless you evade the attack. This is where the Evasion rating and blocking comes in. Having good Evasion and block chance can help reduce the wear on your Path of Exile items.


Evasion basics for gatherers of Path of Exile items

A character’s Evasion rating determines if it will be struck by an opponent’s attack. This stat starts at a base value of 53. It grows by 3 each level until it reaches 353 at level 100 provided no Path of Exile items modify it.

Increasing evasion with Path of Exile items

Evasion can be increased several ways. One is by increasing Dexterity. Every five Dexterity improves Evasion by 1%. Certain Passive skill nodes also increase Evasion. Finally, certain modifiers on POE items can improve evasion. Players can put these modifiers on their Path of Exile items by using Path of Exile Orbs.

Keeping your collector of Path of Exile items alive

Blocking negates incoming damage to a character provided they have the right Path of Exile items in their active equipment slots. Equipped shields provide a base block chance of 24-32%, while equipping a staff gives 12-18% block chance. Dual wielding weapons will give a fixed 15% base block chance.

Increasing block chance with Path of Exile items

Block chance can be increased through passives and unique Path of Exile items. Modifiers can also be gained by using Path of Exile Orbs.