[TIPS]Understanding Charges and Buffs for More Path of Exile Items

Aside from direct buffs in Path of Exile, players can also have slight improvements to their character through Charges. These minute bonuses can be obtained from skills and Path of Exile items they equip. While the bonuses are massive they can help improve your collector of POE items.


Three charges to help in gathering Path of Exile items

There are three types of charges available to the player. Each one represents one of the three core attributes. The charges are as follows: Endurance charges for Strength, Frenzy charges for Dexterity, and Power charges for Intelligence. Charges can be obtained through skills or wearing certain Path of Exile items. The more charges a character has the greater the boost they receive.

Path of Exile items that can improve charges

Characters can only have three charges per type by default. However, certain passives and Path of Exile items can modify this limit. Certain modifiers obtained through Path of Exile Orbs can increase or decrease the charge limit. The ten second duration for charges can also be altered this way.

Getting buffs from Path of Exile items

Certain Path of Exile items, or those modified using Path of Exile Orbs can give characters buffs. Certain skill gems, auras and league modifiers can also apply buffs to players. These will often augment attributes, or skills. However, certain effects can also be detrimental are often referred to as debuffs.

Improving buffs from Path of Exile items

The effects and duration of a buff can be improved in two ways. The first is through modifiers found on Path of Exile items. Passive abilities and certain skills can also improve a buff’s effect as well as duration.