Character Class Overview for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

Characters in Path of Exile can be one of seven different classes. A character’s class determines what Path of Exile items would be ideal for it, as well as what skills will be available for use.


Attributes and your collector of Path of Exile items

Character classes are divided into two groups based on their relation to the three main attributes. There are the pure characters and hybrid characters. The former collectors of Path of Exile items focus on only one attribute. Meanwhile, the latter needs two or more attributes raised to function properly. Keep this in mind as it will affect which POE items you will need.

Same Path of Exile items, different starting stats

One thing to note when picking a class is its starting stats. While the growth of attributes are the same each level, some classes will have a higher score in a specific stat compared to others. This can be easily overcome however with modifiers on Path of Exile items obtained from Path of Exile orbs.

Collecting Path of Exile items with Pure classes

Pure classes are those classes who only need to focus on one attribute to perform well. The Marauder for example need only focus on Strength. Meanwhile, Rangers will have to look for Dexterity on her Path of Exile items to remain effective. Finally, Witches need POE items with Intelligence boosters for maximum effect.

Gathering Path of Exile items using Hybrid classes

The other classes in the game require two or more attributes and are thus called Hybrid classes. For example, the duelist needs Strength and Dexterity to wield Path of Exile items. Strength and Intelligence meanwhile are Templar’s favored stats. Shadows require Dexterity and Intelligence modifiers from Path of Exile orbs on their items. Finally, the Scion requires all three attributes to be at her best.