Customizing Your Rare Path of Exile Items with Orbs

Rare items are perhaps the strongest Path of Exile items you’ll encounter. However, they can still be improved with Orbs in Path of Exile. Check this guide on how to just that.


Affix modification for magic Path of Exile items

When you get a magic item, it will have one or two affixes, with two being the maximum. If you only get one, but want two, simply use an Orb of Augmentation to add the missing affix. If you’re not satisfied with the modifiers on your magic Path of Exile items, use an Orb of Alteration to re-roll them.

Upgrading magic Path of Exile items to rare

Sometimes magic is not enough. If you want to upgrade your magic items to Rare Path of Exile items, use a Regal Orb. This retains any affixes and modifiers on the item. However, it adds another affix and turns the item Rare.

Modifying affixes of your rare Path of Exile items

Rare Path of Exile items come with a minimum of three affixes and a maximum of six. If your item is not yet maxed, you can add an affix by using an Exalted Orb. If you do not like your affixes, you can reroll them by using a Chaos Orb.

Leaving your rare Path of Exile items to chance

If you already have ideal affixes on your Rare Path of Exile items, then you can stop there. Or you can try and get better values for these properties. You can do that by using a Divine Orb. Have fun with your items!