[GUIDE]Damage Mitigation with Path of Exile Items

Damage from spells in Path of Exile cannot be avoided with evasion nor reduced by armor. This is where Resistance comes into play. This defense stat is responsible for reducing elemental damage received while collecting Path of Exile items. For non-spell damage there’s armour rating which will also be discussed.


How resistance affects your collector of Path of Exile items

Resistance determines how much elemental and chaos damage is dealt to your character. Note that each element has its own resistance value. Unlike other stats, it starts at zero and will not grow as your character levels up. You will need to increase it deliberately with Path of Exile items or other means.

Modifying resistance with Path of Exile items

Wearing certain Path of Exile items with modifiers can increase resistance. The modifiers can be applied to your POE items with Path of Exile Orbs. Resistance can also be improved with Passives and various auras. Game difficulty also affects this attribute.

Keeping your collector of Path of Exile items alive

While having a high Armour Rating improves damage mitigation, there are limits. The damage is reduced by 1 for every 12 Armour. This amount is only applicable to physical damage however. Unless you have specific Path of Exile items then, Armour rating does not affect Elemental damage.

Increasing Armour with Path of Exile items

The easiest way to increase Armour rating is to wear defensive Path of Exile items. Using Path of Exile Orbs, players can also modify their POE items to increase Armour Rating. Passive skills, and certain spells also increase this attribute. Finally, consuming a Granite Flask will increase the attribute by 3,000 for 4 seconds.