Dodging and Dual Path of Exile Items to Keep Your Character Alive

In addition to Evasion, Path of Exile has another attribute that can help collectors of Path of Exile items to avoid damage. This attribute is Dodge. Dodge can only be obtained through passives and unique POE items. Dual wielding can also help your character survive in the game.


Dodge stat from Path of Exile items

Dodge is a statistic that is rolled before Block. It determines if a character will avoid damage and effects from an attack or spell. Dodge is separate from Evasion and can only be obtained from Path of Exile items. Unique items that give dodge include: Darkray Vectors, Daresso’s Defiance and Atziri’s Step.

Non-Path of Exile items sources of dodge

Another way to get Dodge without relying on Path of Exile items is through Acrobatics passives. These will add the dodge attribute to your character. That way you can use your Path of Exile Orbs to get other unique items.

Using two Path of Exile items in combat made better

Dual wielding POE items will now be more effective. Patch 1.1.4 has increased the damage multiplier for wielding two Path of Exile items by 20%. As a trade-off, Dual Strike’s damage will be reduced by 10%. Monsters that dual wield however will have their damage reduced by 20%.

New map mods to collect Path of Exile items in

To give players more freedom to try different builds the Suffering map mod will be removed. This is due life regeneration issues in some builds caused by the map mod. Not all builds allow for use of Path of Exile items with life regeneration modifiers. Even those acquired with Path of Exile Orbs. Replacing the Suffering mod will be the “of Venom” and “of Desecration” mods.