Fishing Path of Exile Items out of the Flooded Depths in Act I

Acts in Path of Exile are not straight path affairs. There are often side areas collectors of POE items can go through to collect Path of Exile Orbs and items. One such optional area is The Flooded Depths. Here players can encounter undead and finish a quest.


Getting your collector of Path of Exile items in

Access to the Flooded Depths is strictly through the Lower Submerged Passage as the area has no waypoints. As implied in the name, this area is largely occupied with water. Players can navigate the Flooded Depths through bridges that are scattered in the map. Ultimately, players will find themselves in a larger part of the room where a unique monster spawns in.

Monsters to get Path of Exile items from

This optional area is home to several monsters that are resistant to cold, fire, or lightning. Note that they will be dealing physical damage. These monsters include Cave Crustaceans, Crustacean Snipers and Siren’s Spawn. Occasionally, collectors of Path of Exile items will encounter Tide Striders, Ancient Bonestalkers, Dripping Dead as well as Murk Fiends. These mobs spawn at around monster level 6 on Normal difficulty. Those on Cruel difficulty will face monster level 38 mobs, while Merciless will bump the levels to 58.

Quests and corrupted Path of Exile items

The Flooded Depths is home to the Deep Dweller which is a unique Cave Crustacean. This creature is tied to The Dweller of the Deep quest. The latter is given to players by NPC Tarkleigh. Killing the unique monster and completing the quest will reward players with one passive skill point. This can be repeated once per difficulty to obtain another skill point.

Those looking for Vaal items can also obtain some from this map. They will however, have to wait for a Strange Sinkhole corrupted area to spawn in the Flooded Depths.