Path of Exile Items Improvement with Orbs

Sometimes you’re just down on your luck and get nothing but Normal rarity Path of Exile items. Don’t you wish there was a way to turn them into better items in Path of Exile. Well, your wish is granted. Check this guide on how to use Orbs for this task.


Re-rolling normal Path of Exile items implicit modifiers

Some Normal Path of Exile items come with statistics that come in ranges. For example “Physical Damage: 4 to 6.” Using a Blessed Orb will re-roll this value. This is useful if you want to fine tune the item.

Changing Path of Exile items rarity with orbs

If you have an Orb of Transmutation, or Orb of Alchemy, you can turn your normal items into Magic or Rare items respectively. If you want Unique Path of Exile items, try using an Orb of Chance. Be careful as this actually re-rolls item rarity.