Gathering Path of Exile Items Using your Mind – Intelligence Guide

The Intelligence stat in Path of Exile may seem to be a stat that’s only useful for the Witch. However, this stat can greatly affect how good other classes are in collecting Path of Exile items. Understanding how this attribute works can help increase the size of your collection of POE items.


Improving your Path of Exile items collection with intelligence

Specific intelligence-based Path of Exile items require a minimum amount of intelligence before they can be used. More important than that, maximum mana increases by 5 per 10 points of intelligence. Additionally, the maximum energy shield a character can have is increased by 2% every 10 intelligence.

Increasing Intelligence with Path of Exile items

Aside from leveling up, intelligence can be increased in two ways. The first is through passive skill nodes. The second is by equipping Path of Exile items that have modifiers that improve the statistic. Note that players can use Path of Exile Orbs to add these modifiers to their items.

Keeping Mana full while gathering Path of Exile items

Each time your character uses a skill, it consumes Mana. This resource starts at 40 points for all classes. It increases by 4 each level until it hits 436 at level 100 without any modifiers. Increasing a character’s intelligence by 2 grants 1 additional mana. Finally, this resource regenerates at 1.75% of its maximum per second assuming no Path of Exile items modify it.

Improving Mana with Path of Exile items

Mana can be improved by activating specific Passive skill nodes. Alternatively, players can equip Path of Exile items with Mana related modifiers obtained from Path of Exile Orbs. Finally, using the Blood Magic Keystone will use a character’s life instead of Mana for skills.