Challenge League Modifiers for Exciting Path of Exile Items

Challenge Leagues in Path of Exile get replaced every few months. Their gameplay varies through League Modifiers which aren’t so different from Path of Exile items. Two of these are the Ancestral and Blood Magic League Modifiers.


Getting Path of Exile items in leagues with Ancestral modifier

Leagues with the Ancestral modifier play normal except for the presence of enemy totems in all zones except towns. Players have to be careful when getting their Path of Exile items as the totems will either buff up enemy mobs or try to kill you outright.

Path of Exile items to consider for leagues with Blood Magic on

The Blood Magic League Modifier acts the same way as the Blood Magic skill. All characters in this league will have act like they have Blood Magic active. Life will be used instead of Mana. Make sure you have Life increasing Path of Exile items for leagues that use this modifier.

Risking Path of Exile items for fame and glory

The Cut-Throat League Modifier bends the rules of the game to allow for more aggressive gameplay. Areas outside of town support twice the number of players. Anyone can also join your instances and will be automatically flagged as hostile. The only exceptions to this are party members. Dying while this modifier is on will cause players to drop all equipped Path of Exile items.

Taking not just Path of Exile items from others

To make Cut-Throat even more challenging, the experience penalty for dying is increased by 30%. In line with the PvP theme of this modifier, players who defeat others will gain the experience lost by their foes. If you’re going to take on Challenge Leagues with this modifier, be sure that you’re ready to risk losing your Path of Exile items and levels. Have fun!