Collecting Path of Exile Items with Marauder and Ranger

Path of Exile players who have a preference for melee characters would do well with the Marauder. This pure strength class excels at close range engagements using assorted melee Path of Exile items. Its focus on strength also guarantees hard hits and resilience to such attacks. Those who prefer Dexterity can go for the Ranger and snipe targets.


Gathering Path of Exile items with a Marauder

With its focus on strength, the Marauder deals a large amount of damage with his melee skills. The attribute also makes this class sturdy and able to take a beating. When collecting Path of Exile items for the Marauder, be sure to pick out POE items that have strength bonuses.

Path of Exile items for Marauders

When it comes to Path of Exile items, Marauders have a preference for Casques, Plate Mail, Gauntlets, Greaves and Tower Shields. They are often seen wielding two handed weapons for maximum damage. As mention previous, prioritize strength when using Path of Exile Orbs when adding modifiers.


Prioritizing Dexterity in Path of Exile items

The Ranger starts out with 32 Dexterity, and 14 in both Strength and Intelligence. This gives her an edge when it comes to avoiding damage. The high dexterity also improves her chances of dealing critical strikes with her Path of Exile items.

Path of Exile items used by Rangers

Path of Exile items preferred by Rangers include but is not limited to: Hide Gloves/Boots, bucklers, caps, and tunics. As implied by their name, this class also prioritizes ranged weapons. When utilizing this type of weaponry, make sure to apply dexterity modifiers using Path of Exile Orbs.