Hunting for Path of Exile Items with Minions and Totems

You don’t always need to be in a party to get help in Path of Exile. You can conjure up your own helpers with the help of select Path of Exile items. With your minions, you’ll be more powerful, without having to deal with annoying party members.


Minions and Path of Exile items

Minions are entities summon through Skill Gems. Namely, Zombies, Sekeltons, Spectres, Raging Spirits, Animated Weapons and Guardians, and Dominated. Conversion Trap monsters are not counted as minions. Their statistics are treated separately from the summoner’s. In fact, unless the modifiers on your Path of Exile items include “minion” then it will not affect your minion.

Making minions stronger with Path of Exile items

Okay, the rule above isn’t entirely true. Certain passives like Necromantic Aegis will bestow all the bonuses on a shield to minions. There are also support gems that improve minion’s statistics. A few Unique Path of Exile items also have bonuses that affect minions. Finally, aura effects will boost your minions. Have fun summoning!

Totems are not Path of Exile items

Totems are a type of creature that players can summon to help them in the game. They have their own mana and health pool. Depending on the totem, they can cast the player’s skills or skills of their own. To be able to cast totems, a character must equip Path of Exile items with Totem skills socketed in.

Improving Totems with Path of Exile items

Aside from being able to cast a player’s spells, Totems also use the player’s stats, modifiers and buffs for casting. This means, the easiest way to improve a Totem’s casting ability is to improve the Path of Exile items you wear. Note however, that a Totem’s health and mana is NOT affected by the player’s statistics or modifiers.