Patch 1.2.3 Overview for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

Path of Exile’s Patch 1.2.3 went live over the weekend. That patch added new Microtransaction POE items. It also modified a majority of the missions issued by Masters. Certain elements of the mission variations have been removed while new variations have been added. Hideouts also received minor changes to make them easier to obtain.


Hideout changes for collectors of Path of Exile items

The new patch reduces the level required to upgrade the size of a character’s Hideout. From levels 6 and 8, the content update lowers the Hideout upgrade level requirement to 5 and 7. Those looking for mods like those from Path of Exile Orbs, will be able to get them easier through the Crafting Station. Players seeking refuge in their Hideout will also get their Flasks refilled when equipped while in their haven. Lastly players will be able to release new Microtransaction pets in their Hideout. Available in the shop now are Blue Land Crabs, Formosan Deer and Nursery Web Spider Pets.

Path of Exile items from updated Tora and Haku missions

One of the major reasons for the patch is the reworking of several missions given out by Masters. Tora’s missions have new beasts and unique bosses added. New mods have also been added, while the Volatile Blood modifiers has been removed for corrupted beasts. The Enrage on Low Life is now visible before it is triggered. It also no longer looks like the Nemesis mod.

Missions given out by Haku have also been reworked. Different spells have been added to the Karui spirit for use when it is picked up. Time restrictions have also been added for missions where you start where the spirit is. Bosses also now only appear when the guard the spirit. Players can rest easy as they will no longer revive once the spirit is picked up.

Path of Exile items from changed Vagan missions

Vagan’s missions have new additions thanks to Patch 1.2.3. New combat variations as well as modifiers have been added to this master. When fighting with his companions, players will see the new ally types in the battle. The types of duels he challenges to too have also been given new variations. For a full list of variations, check the patch notes here.