Content Update 1.2.3 Sneak Peek for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

The 1.2.3 Content Update for Path of Exile will be released late next week. We have a small preview of the contents of the upcoming patch for excited hunters of POE items. The update includes new items for the Microtransaction shop. It also includes new maps, monsters and additional Master missions.


Test your Path of Exile items in new missions

Majority of the Forsaken Masters’ content relies on the missions given by Masters. Missions improve the level of a Master which makes their Crafting Bench more useful. Through it, players can add mods to items not found in Path of Exile Orbs. Patch 1.2.3 adds more variety to these missions for players to enjoy.

Tora, Master of the Hunt will be asking players to hunt down new kinds of monsters that plague Wraeclast. Some of these newer mobs will be bosses sporting new challenging skills. Armourmaster Haku’s missions will also include new boss monsters that also have brand new effects. These will activate when a Spirit is picked up. Missions from the other Masters have also been given variety. You can read more about it on the official announcement.

New monster and pets and Path of Exile items

The new patch will also add three new pets to the Microtransaction shop. Players will be able to purchase Blue Land Crabs, Formosan Deer and Nursery Web Spider. Thanks to an earlier content update, these pets can be set free to roam a player’s Hideout.

A new monster will also be added in the next update. The new mob that can be seen in Tora’s missions, especially in Act Two’s forested areas. The monster was designed by a Ruler of Wraeclast.

Gather Path of Exile items in new maps

Input from supporters is not limited to monsters. Patch 1.2.3 adds two new Unique Maps designed by supporters. Expect awesome rewards for these two challenging maps.