New Microtransaction Path of Exile Items in Patch 1.2.3b

Path of Exile’s newest patch – update 1.2.3b – is now live. The patch adds several new skins for POE items. All of them available through the Microtransaction shop. Players who bought the Grandmaster Supporter Pack also get a new item added to their account with the patch.


New skins for Path of Exile items

The Microtransaction shop received several new Path of Exile items with the 1.2.3b patch. Players can now purchase skins for their melee weapons. The new skins include the Adder’s Claw for Claws and Daggers. One-handed axes, maces, sceptres and swords can apply the Razor Axe skin that has also been added to the shop. The new Crypt Sword can be used on one-handed swords, maces, scepters and axes. Shields also get a new skin with the Badge of Skills Microtransaction item.

More skins for Path of Exile items

Players with characters that prefer two-handed weapons can also get skins. Two-handed axes, maces and swords can get the fearsome Gargoyle Axe. Meanwhile, Two-handed maces, axes and swords can use the Devourer Maul skin, whereas the Runic Blade is for two-handed swords, axes and mauls.

For ranged characters, bows get two skins. The first is the Arc of Courage, and the second is Arc of Defiance. Note that all skins are for cosmetic effect only. The original attributes, statistics and modifiers added with Path of Exile Orbs of the weapons will not be altered.

Exporting your collector of Path of Exile items

Grandmaster Supporters will get a new item added to their account. The new item will allow them to export a copy of their character for use with the Hall of Grandmasters unique map. Note that the item can only be used once. All aspects of the character will be exported. This includes Microtransaction effects for items and minions that persist across maps. For more details, check the official thread here.