Calling Down the Thunder – Hunting Path of Exile Items with New Skills

Path of Exile player get two new skills in Patch 1.2.4. The new abilities will allow them to hunt for Path of Exile items using the power of thunder and lightning. Along with the ability come several Microtransaction POE items. The new items will help players to customize their Hideouts better.


Hunt Path of Exile items with thunder

Nature is not only beautiful to behold, it is also a powerful ally. With the new Herald of Thunder skill, players will be able to channel lightning through their hands. This will then add lightning damage to their attacks and spells. An additional effect of the skill is that it will cause your character to release lightning bolts when an enemy is killed. The lightning bolts will seek out nearby enemies and deal lightning damage to them.

The skill is tied to the Intelligence attribute. As such, it is available to the Witch, Templar, Shadow and Scion classes. They can get the skill in the Lost in Love quest in Act 3 under normal difficulty.

Electrifying skill for collectors of Path of Exile items

The second skill introduced by the patch is Lightning Tendrils. This ability blasts enemies in a frontal arc four times in quick succession. The skill is also an Intelligence skill and is available to Witches, Templars, and Scions from the Enemy at the Gates quest in Act 1. For Shadows, it will become available after the Mercy Mission quest in Act 1. Both quests can be done in normal difficulty.

New Microtransaction Path of Exile items

Those who obtained hideouts for mods that Path of Exile Orbs cannot give get something from the update. The patch adds several hideout decorations available through the Microtransaction shop. These are the Energy Dome, Catapult, Fireplace, Impaling Spike, Sacrificial Shrine, Rain, Falling Leaves, and Wide Light Beam.