Upcoming 1.1.2 Content Update to Feature New Path of Exile Items and Skill

Path of Exile players will have some new Path of Exile items and content to look forward to with Patch 1.1.2 scheduled for next week. A new skill, new unique and other content will be added to the game.


Freeze enemies for Path of Exile items

A new skill, Glacial Cascade is planned to be added in next week’s content update. The new DPS skill will dealing out cold damage to monsters to help you get your Path of Exile items. Speaking of skills, new Vaal skills will also be released.

New unique Path of Exile items

Patch 1.1.2 will also add four new unique Path of Exile items. There will also be a new vendor recipe as well as a support gem for the avid PvPer. The cash shop will also get two new Seraph-themed items added.

Seraph themed cosmetic Path of Exile items

Players can also head to the Microtransaction shop and get skins for their Path of Exile items. These cosmetic items will replace the look of your equipped gear while retaining their stats. The Seraph helmet, gloves, boots and body armour can be bought separately or as a pack.

Other Microtransaction Path of Exile items

New Path of Exile items available in the shop include a Guardian Mask and the Arctic Ice Nova Effect. The Guardian Mask is another cosmetic item for headgear. Meanwhile, the Arctic Ice Nova Effect will replace the Ice Nova skill graphic with a swirling ring of arctic wind.