Patch 1.1.3 will Add Two Vaal Aura Path of Exile Items and Chests

Coming in Patch 1.1.3 for Path of Exile are two new Vaal Auras. These new auras will be giving players new powerful buffs to use while hunting Path of Exile items with a twist.


New powerful auras to use when collecting Path of Exile items

Vaal Auras are corrupted versions of existing auras. They will have much more powerful effects but will be given an extremely short duration. The developers have revealed one of two new Vaal Auras that will be released in Patch 1.1.3. Named Vaal Discipline, the aura will give characters a strong Energy Shield that does not stop regenerating for six seconds. This is incredibly useful while hunting Path of Exile items.

Getting Vaal Path of Exile items

Getting your hands on these new Vaal Auras is no different from obtaining other Vaal Path of Exile items. Simply take your character to a Corrupted Area and hunt bosses for these POE items. Note you can also use Vaal Path of Exile Orbs to turn your normal skill gems to Vaal Skill gems.

New chests for unique Path of Exile items

Come next week, Ambush league players will start encountering three new unique chests. These chests will drop POE items as well as Path of Exile orbs when opened. Players looking for Kaom uniques will want to look for Armourer’s Strongboxes that will have a higher chance to drop these unique Path of Exile items.

Micotransaction Path of Exile items on sale today

In other news, the Medusa Snakes cosmetic item will be on sale today in the Microtransaction shop. This item will replace Path of Exile items that go into the headgear slot. The item is up for sale for just 175 points.