Get your Path of Exile Items through PvP Tournament Season One

Path of Exile’s Patch 1.3.0 brings new content for PvP fans. Collectors of POE items can participate in the upcoming PvP Tournaments to get Path of Exile items. Similar to the Races the new tourneys will be divided into seasons with the first starting on December 20. Players can then participate in the events to obtain points that can be used to obtain Path of Exile items.


Blitz for Path of Exile items

Each season of the PvP Tournaments will contain Standard and Hardcore events. Competing in these events will earn players points which can be used to obtain items and Path of Exile Orbs.

One of the events in the tournament is the Blitz Event. In this event, players compete in a series of duels. The matches will come one after the other. The goal of each combatant is to win as many times as possible within a given time limit. The Blitz event will run as an open level event as well as a level 28 only one.

FFA and CTF for Path of Exile items

Another event running during the season is the Free-For-All event. These fights will take place in the Sarn Arena and will be massive brawls. Players get points per player kill. Those who die during the melee will then be sent to a new instance of the arena where they can continue to fight.

Capture the Flag is yet another event. These play similar to the usual capture the flag scenario in most games. There will be two categories, namely 3v3 and 6v6. Both this and Free-For-All event will as run open level events and level 28 only events.

Unique Path of Exile items as reward

By competing in the events, ranking high and completing milestones, players earn Season Points. These are then added to determine if you can get a set of Alternate Art Unique Items. Note that points are separate for Standard and Hardcore ladders.