In-Depth Look at Rampage League for Collectors of Path of Exile Items

Path of Exile players how like challenges can find them in the various Leagues that are introduced by expansions. One of the more recent Leagues is the Rampage League. Collectors of POE items in this League get more powerful as they rack up more kills. Rampage is also home to a few unique items that do not show up anywhere else.


Rampage for Path of Exile items

The Rampage League was introduced alongside the Beyond League on August 20, 2014. This League features a unique modifier that gives bonuses to characters as their killstreak increases. Rampage is also parented by the standard League. This means that all characters and stashes will be moved to Standard League when the Rampage League ends on November 20, 2014. Additionally, characters that die in Rampage wan still respawn in Rampage. Note however, that players entering this League will have to play with a new character and an empty stash.

More Path of Exile items from more kills

While most Leagues put restrictions on characters or make enemies more powerful, the Rampage League does the opposite. The modifier for this League grants bonuses to the character as their killstreak increases. These bonuses progress from faster attacks and movement, to novas and summoned spirit weapons. The bonuses end at 325 kills with a cyclone that blows up nearby enemies.

Path of Exile items from this league

Three unique items can only be found in the Rampage League. These are the Flesh and Spirit ironscale gauntlets, Shows and Dust clasped mitts and finally the Null and Void legion gloves. The items require characters to be at level 15, 31 and 57 respectively before they can be equipped. Each pair of gloves has modifiers that cannot be obtained from Path of Exile Orbs. These modifiers are geared specifically for the Rampage League and are only active while in the League.