Keeping your Collector of Path of Exile Items Alive

While playing Path of Exile, you may have noticed a bluish-white effect on your life gauge. This is the Energy Shield and it’s there to help keep your character alive while hunting Path of Exile items. When that’s gone there’s also your health to manage which we’ll help you with here.


Second life for your collector of Path of Exile items

The Energy Shield acts as a rechargeable damage buffer. All damage, except chaos damage is dealt first to the Energy Shield before Life. The shield also reduces the chances your collector of Path of Exile items gets stunned. This buffer recharges after six seconds if the player has not received any damage. Note that this delay can be shorted by modifiers on POE items.

Improving Energy Shield with Path of Exile items

Certain Passive skills increase Energy Shield as well as lower its cooldown. Of course, Path of Exile items can be given modifiers to affect this buffer using Path of Exile Orbs.

Increasing Life with Path of Exile items

Starting at a base value of 50, the Life stat increases by 8 per level until it reaches 842 at level 100. Life is also improved by 5 for every 10 Strength. Path of Exile items with specific modifiers also improve this statistic. One quick way to get these modifiers on your POE items is to use Path of Exile Orbs.

Staying alive while collecting Path of Exile items

Preventing your character’s death is easily accomplished by using flasks to restore life. Life can also be regenerated through equipped Path or Exile items with life regen modifiers. The latter can also be obtained through passive skills. Similarly, life leech effects can be used to restore health. Finally, life is restored completely upon visiting town.