Collect Path of Exile Items with Brawn and Brains with the Templar Class

Most people think brawn and brains are exclusive. This however is not the case. One of the best proofs to this is the Templar class in Path of Exile. This hybrid class utilizes both Strength and Intelligence to help players collect POE items. This combination after all allows the class to tank lots of damage, while dealing out lots of damage through skills and spells.


Strength and Intelligence for Path of Exile items

The key trait of any hybrid class is its emphasis on two or more attributes. While at first this may seem impractical, it is more effective than it seems. The Templar, being a hybrid class uses both Strength and Intelligence. With its Strength specialization, it can take quite a beating as well as deal out heavy physical damage. Through its dedication to Intelligence, it can use powerful spells and a range of magical abilities.

Gathering Path of Exile items with the Templar

When using the Templar, players will need to decide whether they will be focusing on melee or range. Focusing on Strength will allow players to have a strong melee game, while using Intelligence and spells for buffs and occasional range damage. Going in reverse, that is, prioritizing Intelligence first before Strength, players can have a mage that can take a lot of hits. In either case, your Templar will be able to deal as well as take lots of damage.

Templar’s Path of Exile items

Templars can wield a variety of weapons and items. They can use one-handed weapons with a shield, or forgo the extra defense for a two-handed armament. Players looking to use Path of Exile Orbs should look for Coifs, Chainmail or RIngmail for upper armor. This class also uses Metal Gloves and Metal Boots for its extremities. Lastly, the Templar oft wields Kite Shields to ward of attacks or use as a deadly bludgeon.