[GUIDE]Hunting Path of Exile Items along The Coast in Act I

The Coast is the next area Path of Exile players will encounter after the town of Lioneye’s Watch. Like most maps, it contains numerous monters, and a portal to the rest of the areas in Act I. Collectors of POE items can also encounter their first unique monster here.


Getting your hunter of Path of Exile items here

Connected to the town of Lioneye’s Watch on the left side of the map, The Coast covers hilly terrain, as well as a stretch of shoreline. Players can access The Mud Flats via points on the right and bottom of this map. The Tidal Island can also be visited with the entrance located in the water near the Mud Flats. Note that this area has no waypoint in whatever difficulty.

Mobs to get Path of Exile items from

Monsters players will encounter in this area include Cannibals, Starving Cannibals, Gravel Eaters and Withered Husks. The cannibals and spitters can be found in the hills, while zombie hunters will find the undead along the beaches. Note that a unique Cannibal, Fire Fury, stalks this map. Note that these monsters will have resistances to cold, or lightning, while they deal physical and fire attacks. Make sure your weapons and armor can handle this.

Other monsters can also make an appearance along The Coast. Watch out for Ancient Archers, Flame Hellions and Merveil’s Favoured when traversing this part of Wraeclast.

Containers and corrupted Path of Exile items

Path of Exile Orbs and accessories can be found in different corpses found throughout the map. These corpses take the place of chests and come in three versions. Collect loot from Impaled Corpses, Bound Corpses and Crucified Corpses.

With the Vaal patch, this area has a chance to spawn a Concealed Cavity, Remote Gulch and Strange Skinhole. Venture into these if you want Vaal Skill gems and the like.