Guide to The Ledge for Collector of Path of Exile Items

Not all of Act I The Shore in Path of Exile is sunny beaches. As collectors of POE items venture further into Wraeclast, they see less of the sea, and more of land. The Ledge, is one of the transition areas that take Exiles from the beaches to the main landmass. It is also the inspiration for one of the game’s race types.


Getting collectors of Path of Exile items here

The Ledge is accessible from The Upper Submerged Passage and connects to the The Climb. Players looking to get Path of Exile Orbs and items will be happy to know that it also has a waypoint. The latter is usually located near the center of the map.

Monsters to get Path of Exile items from

This area is home to a number of fire resistant mobs. Exiles can expect to encounter Ancient Archers, Cannibals, Grinning Totems, and Rattling Bones on the Ledge. Visitors from other maps also occasionally spawn here. Carrion Swarmers, Colossal Bonestalkers, Dune Hellions, Gluttonous Gulls and Goatmen can be fought here sometimes. Mobs spawn at Monster Level 7 on Normal difficulty. Cruel and Merciless difficulty spawns these mobs at levels 37 and 53 respectively.

Races and farming Path of Exile items

Most players will visit the Ledge more than once. This is largely due to how its linear layout and abundance of monsters is good for farming. It really helps that the area has a Waypoint and is the home of Kuduku, the False God. The latter is a unique Grinning Totem.

The map is popular enough as a farming spot such that Grinding Gear Games created a race type based on it. Many would be familiar with this race popularly known as the Endless Ledge. In it, players spawn on a special version of the Ledge that has no end. Participants progress through the linear levels that increase in difficulty.