[GUIDE]Break Into The Lower Prison to Gather Path of Exile Items

After going through the Climb, Path of Exile players will find themselves in the first area of the Axiom Prison, specifically the Lower Prison. Collectors of POE items will meet a number of enemies here and a unique mob. Of course, Exiles can get Path of Exile items and gear here.


Getting your hunter of Path of Exile items in

Players can enter the Lower Prison area through the Climb. To explore the rest of Axiom Prison, they will need to navigate the maze of cells and cages to reach the connection to the Upper Prison. Like the map before it, the Lower Prison also has a waypoint for easy access. Note however that this waypoint is spawned randomly in the map and may take a while to find.

Path of Exile items from enemies there

Exiles looking for Path of Exile Orbs and accessories can hunt monsters in this area. Be aware however that they will be resistant to fire, lightning and cold damage while being able to dole out such elemental attacks. Monsters native to this area include Brittle Arsonist, Brittle Poacher, Brittle Thief, Necromancer and Rotting Damned. There will be occasions where Ashen Buccaneers, Cannibals and Ink Spinners will spawn in the area. Note the monster level for Normal is 8, while Cruel difficulty spawns at 37. Merciless difficulty generates monsters at level 54.

Vaal Path of Exile items and a unique mob

The Lower Prison in Act I is home to Chatters. This enemy is a unique version of the Brittle Thief. Like with all unique mobs, he has a higher chance of dropping better quality loot. Those who are looking for Vaal items however would be more interested to know that the area has a chance to spawn the Forgotten Oubliette Corrupted Area. Care must be taken when entering this area as monsters in Corrupted Areas are more challenging than usual.