Path of Exile Items from Helping Tora, Master of the Hunt

Another master has been revealed for Path of Exile’s Forsaken Masters content update. Tora, Master of the Hunt will be asking gatherers of Path of Exile items for help in restoring balance to nature. This bow wielding master hunter has made it her goal to rid Wraeclast of corruption affecting the flora and fauna. It is up to the player to help her accomplish this task.


Saving nature for Path of Exile items

Every one of the Forsaken Masters have a goal and reason that drives them to become masters of their craft. For Tora, Master of the Hunt, it is her connection with nature. When players encounter Tora, she will ask them to help her rid the land of corrupted monsters. These missions always have a simple goal: hunt down mutated creatures. However, the said beasts come in a variety of forms and sometimes numbers. Players will need to be ready for fights against single powerful monster or hordes of mutated critters. The monsters they need to hunt down will also have effects as varied as the locations they can be found.

Better ranged Path of Exile items

Once a player has leveled up Tora sufficiently, they will have access to her Crafting Bench. Through the latter they will be able to improve their bows using crafted mods. Note that these mods are different from what usually can be obtained from Path of Exile Orbs. Aside from the crafted mods, Tora will also sell bows to players. Lastly, the Master of the Hunt will offer boosts that benefit Dexterity. Quite useful for builds that require this attribute.

Having your collector of Path of Exile items live with nature

When a player gets Tora up to level 3 they will be able to use her Hideout. The latter is a simple camp deep in a forest with a small brook running through it. Players who gain enough favor with Tora will also be able to purchase decorations for their Hideout.