Crazy DPS Using Totems and Minions and Special Path of Exile Items

Monsters in Path of Exile can be quite challenging. As such, it is often advisable to have a buddy when grinding for Path of Exile items. If you can’t find someone to party with though, a Totem is fine too.


What Path of Exile items to equip for Totems

Whenever you have Path of Exile items socketed with Totem Skill Gems equipped, you will be able to summon Totems. These entities are treated as monsters and have their own health and mana. When cast, they stay in one position and can cast player’s skills or skills of their own.

Path of Exile items that improve Totems

Totems use the player’s stats, modifiers and buffs when casting skills. If you want to improve your Totems, you simply have to improve the Path of Exile items you have equipped. Note however that a Totem’s health and mana aren’t affected by player statistics.

Getting minions from Path of Exile items

Players can summon Minions by equipping Skill Gems, specifically: Zombies, Skeletons, Animated Weapons and Guardians, Raging Spirits and Dominated. Monsters created any other way are not counted as minions. As separate entities, minions do not share the statistics or modifiers of the summoner’s equipped Path of Exile items, unless the modifier explicitly states it.

Path of Exile items that improve minions

There are Support Gems available that can increase a Minion’s stats. Additionally, certain unique Path of Exile items gives boosts to minions. Auras also affect minions like other players. Finally, there are passives that improve minions as well as grant extra effects on them.