The Start of your Hunt for Path of Exile Items in Act I

The Land of the Damned known as Wraeclast in Path of Exile is only accessible by boat. New players start the game with their Exile washed up on the shore of the island following disaster at sea. They will find themselves in the first map of Act I known as The Twilight Strand. It is here they start their life as an Exile and a collector of POE items.


Starting Path of Exile items

As the starting area of the first Act of the game, characters that have just been created get some free items in The Twilight Strand. New characters get three Scrolls of Wisdom, two Small Life Flasks, and a Small Mana Flask. Players can also get a weapon on the ground nearby. It will have three sockets which can be filled with a skill gem. The latter can be looted from the zombie that kills the Dying Exile NPC.

Enemies to get Path of Exile items from

The Twilight Strand is home to three types of monsters and a boss. Players will encounter the Drowned, Hungry Corpses and Sandspitters. Like all other monsters they have a chance to drop Path of Exile items and Path of Exile Orbs. These monsters will have resistances to cold or lightning and will use physical attacks. The first boss of the game, Hillock will be encountered near the end of the map.

Other things your Path of Exile items hunter needs to know

New players get their first taste of questing in the game in this map. The first and only quest they get from the area is Enemy at the Gate. The Twilight Strand is also the only place to get the Beginner’s Luck achievement. This involves getting a unique drop in the map on Normal Difficulty. Lastly, on Cruel and Merciless difficulties, there will be a waypoint beside the Dying Exile NPC.