Path of Exile Items Customize and Upgrade to Rare

Some say Rare Path of Exile items are the strongest type of items. Even better than Unique items in Path of Exile. This is largely due to their customizability. Read on if you want to know how to do this for your rares.



Using orbs to get affixes for rare Path of Exile items

Affixes are what makes or breaks Path of Exile items. Rares have a maximum of six, and a minimum of three. Chances are you’re not going to have a rare with six affixes, so you’ll want to use an Exalted Orb. This adds a random affix to your rare. Alternatively, you can use a Chaos orb to re-roll the affixes on your rare item and hope you get more affixes.

Changing modifier values for rare Path of Exile items

Let’s say you got the affixes you want, but the values are not so good. Thankfully, this isn’t a dead end. You can re-roll the values of the modifiers on your rare Path of Exile items with a Divine Orb. Note that this orb can also be used on Magic and Unique items. Have fun!