Path of Exile Items From Monsters Using Traps

Path of Exile offers different ways to dispatch monsters. In this article we’ll look at Traps and how they can help you strategically take out monsters for more Path of Exile items.


How traps can help you get more Path of Exile items

Traps are skills that become invisible to monsters once armed. Players can lay down these on ground within their line of sight. They will be visible while they are being armed, but will disappear when ready. When a monster enters the trigger radius of the trap it casts its spell and is then destroyed. If you’re grinding for Path of Exile items and want a bit of strategy, then lay down some traps!

Path of Exile items that give you traps

Currently there are only four skill gems that can give your traps. You’ll need Path of Exile items sockets with either, Fire, Lightning, Bear or Conversion Trap to use traps. Alternatively, you can use the Trap Support Gem to turn most active skills into a trap.