New Seraph Items and Vaal Skills for Hunting Path of Exile Items

Path of Exile has released its newest content update. Patch 1.1.3 adds new Path of Exile items, balance tweaks as well as new Vaal Skill Gems. Two of these POE items are Vaal Reave and Vaal Haste.


Radial melee carnage when gathering Path of Exile items

The new Vaal Skill Reave is a corrupted version of the Reave skill. When using this ability, enemies in a small area in front of your character will be dealt damage. Afterwards, you character rotates to the left 135 degrees and releases another AOE attack. This is done 7 times in quick succession. When hunting Path of Exile items using this ability, note that each time an enemy is hit, the radius of the AOE attack increases.

Quick Path of Exile items through Vaal Haste

Collecting Path of Exile items will be much quicker with Vaal Haste introduced by Patch 1.1.3. This skill increases attack, movement and cast speed for you and your allies for a short amount of time. The ability is Dexterity based. Like with all Vaal Skill Gems, this can be obtained through Corrupted Area bosses or using Vaal Path of Exile Orbs.

Collect Path of Exile items with stylish wings

The Seraph Wings Back Attachment will be available come Patch 1.1.3. Now you can hunt POE items and Path of Exile orbs with these angelic wings. Note that this is a cosmetic item and like all Microtransaction Path of Exile items, it will not confer any statistical bonus to your character.

Microtransaction Path of Exile items on sale

Speaking of Microtransaction Path of Exile items, the Discipline Force Field Effect is currently on sale. This cosmetic effect will alter the look of your Disciple skill. It’s available for just 80 points.