Path of Exile Items: Windows 10 Fix

With the release of the new Windows 10, it’s not surprising that non-Mac users will be switching to this. It is also not surprising that upgrading to Windows 10 can cause problems to some programs and have compatibility issues with the new operating system.

How about Path of Exile? Is Path of Exile compatible in Windows 10? The answer is yes but there are instances that switching to Windows 10 can affect running Path of Exile.

Path of Exile Orbs: The Problem

Some say that upon switching to Windows 10, their Path of Exile won’t launch. This is true for Riddled- in Reddit posting:

“POE not launching in Windows 10:                                

I’m trying to launch path of exile for the first time using steam and it won’t seem to work, I’ve tried running it in windows 7 compatibility tried re downloading visual C++ nothing seems to work,

Anyone got a fix for this?

Also I’m trying to run this through steam”

Path of Exile Items: The Solution


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Upon encountering this, many have posted in the Steam Community Forum and good guy Kaene posted his solution:

Hey man,
I’ve been having a lot of issues with PoE on Windows 10 – I did however get it to work after some messing around; I’ll list the steps below:

– Right click PoE in your steam library, go to properties, go to the “Local Files” tab, hit “Browse Local Files” button.
– Right click the “PathOfExileSteam.exe” go to properties, go to compatibility, click run with compatibility for Windows 7 AND (can’t stress this enough) “Run as administrator”
– execute the “PathOfExileSteam.exe”; it should run the non-steam updater at this point, check a few files and then do nothing.
– Then, turn off the compatibility settings but leave the administrator rights turned on.
– Run PoE through steam again.
– That should work hopefully.

P.S. you could also try to reinstall Visual C++ 2013 or 2011:
Download and install the Windows 10 Driver for your graphics card, Nvidea or ATi or whatever.

Hope this helps 🙂 “

DrunkeN (from Steam Community) confirmed that Kaene’s solution worked.

If you’re having the same problem with your Path of Exile in your Windows 10, just follow Kaene’s solution and hopefully it works with you as well!