New Vaal Bosses and Skill Gems to Get Better Path of Exile Items From

The new game content for Path of Exile added more than just new Path of Exile items and game modes. Sacrifice of the Vaal also added new and more lethal bosses to roam the lands of Wraeclast.


Stronger bosses to test your Path of Exile items

With the new game modes come new monsters and bosses to fill these modes. Sixty new bosses now walk the land to challenge the exile and guard coveted Path of Exile items. Expect these new monsters to be much more powerful thanks to new skill combinations never before seen on monsters.

Path of Exile items to get from these monsters

The new bosses will show up in Corrupted Areas and will be prominently featured in the Invasion league. Players can expect them to drop most of the new Path of Exile items added by the Vaal content update. Of course, these challenging foes will usually be guarding chests so you can expect to get sweet from those too.

Using Vaal Skill Gems with Path of Exile items

The new Vaal Skill Gems work with Path of Exile items like normal Skill Gems. Players simply put them in sockets of the same color. However, to use them, players need to collect souls. Souls are automatically gained whenever a monster is killed. Using any of the powerful Vaal Skills will consume souls. Note that exiting or resetting a zone will reset the saved souls to zero.

How to get these new Path of Exile items

Corrupted Areas are the only place Vaal Skill Gems drop. Players can however convert normal skills gems into their corrupt counterparts using a Vaal Orb. The currency Path of Exile items will drop alongside other currency items. Be warned however that once a gem has been converted, it cannot be restored to normal.