POE Credits: Previous Season’s Race

Competitive Path of Exile players need to prepare as some changes to the Races are planned for Season Nine. The new season will be introducing changes that will affect future Races. Some of the changes include shorter Races and new Race mechanics.

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Shorter races for quicker Path of Exile items

With the start of Season 9 looming near, Grinding Gear Games has release some planned changes to the Races. One of the major changes planned is to shift to shorter race seasons. An advantage of this however, is that there will be more seasons. Season Nine is slated to be a four-week season with Season 10 set to start late December for Path of Exile Items hunting.

Get POE Credits by being faster

Season Nine will also be the testbed for a new race mechanic. Collectors of POE Credits will be able to participate in time based events. A new ladder will be introduced where the time it took to kill a certain boss is used for ranking. Note that Masters and missions will be disabled for this and the other types of races. It is still unknown if custom Master modifiers that cannot be obtained from Path of Exile Orbs can still be used in the races.

Race basics for new collectors in POE Trading

Races are special events that help showcase a player’s mastery of the game. Traditionally, POE Trading players participating in a race need to obtain the highest amount of experience they can within a given amount of time. Note that they have to start a new character for each race and will have an empty stash. Races also have modifiers attached to them as they are considered a separate League.

Winning a race rewards players Reward Points. These are then used to determine the rank of the player. Depending on the ranking players can get certain Path of Exile accessories and items.