POE Credits: the Gem Management and their values

One of the most complicated game features for budding players do encounter during their first week in the game is POE Credits management regarding Gems and their values. This guide shows the gem’s value, So that, new players won’t go to the trouble of feeling doubt whether the gem’s value is high or inferior.

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POE Credits with high value gems

  • Portal – Usually being sold for 1-3 chaos orbs
  • Cast When Damage Taken – obtainable through the quest “A Fixture of Fate” in Act III Merciless difficulty. New players won’t get a hold of this gem until level 31. The price is around 4-6 chaos orbs
  • Chain – It is a “drop only” gem and rarely being used. So, it’s quite cheap 1 chaos orbs
  • Multi-strike – A quest reward from “A Fixture of Fate” quest and a “drop only gem” although it’s slightly rare. The demand is quite high because it’s usually being used by melee classes in the game. Can be purchased for 3 Chaos orbs
  • Cast When Stunned – It can easily be obtained. The price is 2 Chaos orbs
  • Empower – Around 10-20 Chaos
  • Enhance – 8 Chaos

POE Currency with fair price

  • Auras – Such as: Hatred, Clarity and Grace are the easiest to sell for 1 chaos or 1 fusing each
  • Most Attack – Skill gems such as: Dual Strike, Cleave, Heavy Strike, Raise Skeletons etc are very easy to obtain through completing some first few quests. It’s kind of a waste of time trying to sell these kinds of gem.
  • Curses – It can be sold for 1 alchemy for someone who’s looking for a specific type of gem. Although it’s waste of time finding a buyer of these gems.
  • Support Gems – Support gems such as: Reduced Mana, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks and Melee Splash are quite easy to obtain and its demand is quite high in the market. All of the support gems mentioned above can be sold for 1 chaos easily. Here is a list of rarely used support gems: Fork, Culling Strike, Mana Leech, Faster Casting, Lesser Multiple Projectiles and Greater Multiple Projectiles, Life Leech, Item Quantity, Item Rarity, Melee Physical Damage, Multiple Traps, Curse on Hit. These can be sold for 1 Fusing.

As you elevate yourself up in the game, you’ll encounter different kinds of gems. Be sure to prioritize the gems that you’ll personally need and gems that can easily be sold. If you buy POE Currency you will be able to grind easily in dungeons.